Welcome to Bitcoin Venture Capital!

Who are we? 

BTCVC is an organization committed to assisting in the establishment of BTC-based commercial ventures. BTCVC can provide initial seed capital used to aquire the resources necessary to fund initial stage startups and aid in locating additional investors until the enterprise is self-sustaining. If you're not familiar with Bitcoin, check out this great video for an answer to the question - What is a bitcoin? 

Why are we necessary?

The anonymity offered by Bitcoin is a double-edged sword. Along with the obvious benefits that the BTC model provides, there are inherent issues related to trust that must be overcome for any investment opportunities to make fiduciary sense. BTCVC has been tracking the progression of the bitcoin economy from it's infancy and has established itself as a reputable organization with a 100% positive track record for fulfilling our obligations. Without reputable and thriving BTC businesses, Bitcoin never has the potential to be anything more than just a vehicle with which to transfer value from one currency to another or purchase illegal goods anonymously. 

How does holding Bitcoin hurt Bitcoin’s value?

The Bitcoin economy is too young to predict the stable value long term. The daily volumes on MtGox are often under 100,000 BTC per day of a market of more than 10 Million coins. The volatility that we've seen in the market over the last 2 years should be enough for any serious investor to realize that just holding BTC as a "long" is a very risky proposition. In addition to the risk of the market collapsing, there is a very real risk of losing your investment to a criminal intruder. You can follow all of the right steps and through no fault of your own a 0-day exploit comes out in a piece of software installed on your machine and next thing you know it's all gone! Why not leverage some of the risk by investing in a startup that could potentially pay dividends far in excess of whatever gains there are to be made from letting it ride. 

What do we do?

We have a database of business plans from potential startup companies that require a different amount of initial capital. We fund these companies using a mixture of Bitcoin and traditional currencies on the condition that they conduct a significant portion of their business in Bitcoin. The specific details of our relationship with any given client is governed by Non-Disclosure agreements, but we'd be pleased to sit down with you and discuss your situation and see if we can form a mutually beneficial partnership. 

How else can I help?

We are accepting BTC for use in "Angel Investor" projects. BTCVC has already select startups to fund from it's initial BTC pool. ANY amount is helpful, small amounts aggregate! Please send any donations to 1MbgEEWkS4z8beK9gdm3judjgsKFDBGqMb and help us fund new BTC-based sites.