September 2013

Market Update

A nice bump in the BTC market lately. Most likely being driven by speculation around Bitcoin Lobbyists meeting with the US government to discuss regulation. It will be interesting to hear the exact details around the results of this meeting and what happens next. Regardless of their ultimate decision, the extra attention brought by these meetings is only going to attract new capital investment into the market. The future is bright!


We will be sending out our first newsletter shortly where we will give you an opportunity to begin the negotiation process to begin funding your bitcoin startup. 

Bitcoin Based Startups

We will be contacting you if you will be focused in the upcoming newsletter. We'll run the blurb by you first so that you have some input just in case your situation has changed since submitting your startup.

Bitcoin Venture Capital Reaches 2 Year Anniversary

Bitcoin Venture Capital officially launched in June of 2011. It's been an amazing 2 years as we've watched the Bitcoin Economy grow from thousands to millions of users and from millions to hundreds of millions in market share. We have been fortunate enough to be involved in the development of dozens of exciting projects and products during that time. We have heard from Startups and Investors from every part of the world and continue to have scores of new visitors each day. As we begin year 3 we promise to continue to vigorously repesent our client's interests as sites launch and products come to fruition.

Startup Funding 

BTCVC continues to work with entrepreneurs making strides in the emerging Bitcoin market. If you are interested in funding a startup please fill out our Investors Questionaire to be included in our Startup Portfiolio mailings. 

How else can I help?

We are accepting BTC for use in "Angel Investor" projects. BTCVC has already select startups to fund from it's initial BTC pool. ANY amount is helpful, small amounts aggregate! Please send any donations to 1MbgEEWkS4z8beK9gdm3judjgsKFDBGqMb and help us fund new BTC-based sites.